I have been supporting individuals on their healing journey since 2010.

It’s the work of my life to help people come back to themselves through emotions, self-compassion, and rebuilding what has disintegrated because of trauma.

I believe that our inner environment—the resources within our DNA and the power of our consciousness—is naturally helping us to heal and grow. We just have to pay attention.

Some clients call me “Queen of Depth,” and I agree.

I have this talent for seeing through the layers and pointing to the deepest core of the issues.

I believe the level of support I offer is good for people who are truly ready for change and are willing to touch the least comfortable areas, which are often the portal for a change. 


Feel free to contact me if you want 1:1 support on your journey.


& Masculine

I have been deepening my journey of sacred femininity for many years, and I have also been guiding and mentoring women in coming back to their feminine essence.

Modern women are disconnected from their feminine source and trying to imitate men. This doesn’t lead to anything good—at some point a woman gets exhausted and the man feels castrated.

The current state of affairs when it comes to most relationships shows clearly that we are lost.

Women are craving masculine men; men are craving feminine women. Yet we don’t know why things are so hard.

We become closed to each other and the ability to build truly intimate, deep connections is getting more and more rusty.

Solitude is beautiful, but as humans, we thrive on connections.

My work inspires you to deepen your connection with yourself so you can deepen your connection with others.


 I have created dozens of courses online on this topic, which have served thousands of women.

My work is mainly focused on women. However, I have also been supporting men in stepping into their masculine energy, because
to really embody the masculine essence, the man has to address his emotional side first.

My online courses are available online in Polish, but 1:1 support is also available in English.


Entrepreneurship and spirituality blend in my world.

I have been running my soulful business for many years, and
I have been successfully attracting more and more abundance.

I don’t believe in marketing tricks and “gaining clients.” In my world, clients find me, and I just attract them through energy. I show business owners how to calibrate to that too.

Most modern marketing tips are based on manipulation.
I don’t believe that this is needed.

There is no need to persuade anyone to choose your services, especially when your business is about heartfelt and soulful service.

They know from the core, and this will guide them towards you if you are energetically open to receiving them.

But most business owners skip this part. They “do what they should do,” yet there is no magic.

The fact is that no tricks will work if the energetics of you and your business are not set.

I mentor business owners, so if you are a lightworker, coach, mentor, guide, or therapist and you don’t experience a flow and abundance, feel free to contact me about mentoring.



”I am home. I have me, I am not alone!

This is how I have been feeling ever since my Self Love Intensive with Magdalena. I am transformed and now remember that everything I had so desperately been looking for, had always been there: within me.

The process Magdalena is using is miraculously easy on the client and yet so profound… towards the end of my session, when I looked at different aspects of my life that needed more loving care like finances, relationships and well-being; I just felt that presence of me, deeply loving and caring me.

I am blissfully happy feeling that love every day, every minute, no matter what is happening. I watch myself with amazement how much clarity I got, being proud of me making loving, healthy and expansive personal choices, choosing for me. How liberating!”

Emilia – a Dakini in training, London

”Magda’s coaching is a unique and life changing experience. Her gentle yet powerful approach made me feel comfortable when uncomfortable issues were being unpeeled and revealed. Her talent and outstanding skills brought me very fast to understanding and clarity about my own femininity. She is an expert and it shows not only during a session but later on in your life when you take steps towards what you really want and it really happens!”

M.J. Healer, London

„Magdalena’s taster workshop was brilliant and eye opening. I discovered how to tap into, unleash and enjoy my feminine energy. A beautiful pratice. I realised how 'in my head’ I usually am and have now started to learn how to be more in my body. Magdalena’s approach is gentle and practical at the same time. Thank you so much it’s just what I needed.” 

Gwen, London

”It was a wake-up session. You reminded me about my power to change. Instead of sitting down and waiting for miracles to happen, I started to go out and be active in my pursuit for the best in life. I am optimistic, that I will find what I am looking for.

Thanks for the Wake-up to be in Control”


A.Z, Geneva, Switzerland

”Magdalena is the personification of Aphrodite. Big smile, sweet, and powerful. I’ve invited her to teach us (a  group of women) how to activate the kundalini.
We had an amazing time: breathing, dancing in our bodies, in our wombs, feeling the flow of energy going up.  

The energy was sparkling and bubbling.
If you want to make your event for girls and women a little bit different, I recommend Magdalena. She could make it very original.”

Orianne Corman, 
Family Healer and Womb Wisdom Keeper, London


You work with me 1:1 via Zoom or Skype. You can book a single single or choose a package.

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